Bird Tripping in Namibia

07 Dec 2021

In November 2021 I started experimenting with a DLSR camera that Panthera had bought many years before and of course she’d kept it in pristine condition so I was lucky to have a fairly old (and limited in function) camera which is an advantage when learning the ropes. My focus with it was to record some of our bird sightings as well as other creatures we encountered on our trip through the Caprivi Strip on the northern edge of Namibia.

My conclusion about Photography is that it is the skill of using the lense of the camera to capture light in creative ways, a most rewarding activity once one understands the basics of light, aperture, shutterspeed and magnification.

I certainly didn’t become a professional overnight but it was a lot of fun and I did harvest plenty of great reference for future artworks and some cool snaps to add to the timeline. Also I had found a new and exciting tool to use in the pursuit of inspiration into the future.