Co-creating a beautiful future!

"Everything I create is devoted to inspiring humanities culture, arts and technology to move in sync with nature toward an abundant and healthy future for all species and eco-systems. My current focus is to raise awareness about the importance of Bio-Diversity and how it is essential for humans and all life on earth to continue. The future is always growing one way or another... Be intelligent, put the natural world first, create a harmonious and freedom loving society and technologies. May all else rest in peace."

About the music:
From a very early age Daowiz started singing and writing poetry as well as exploring various visual art mediums. As his expression grew towards the late 90's he branched out into exploring technology with the rise of the internet, digital forms of sound creation and many other avenues related to these new technologies. After some experimentation in bands and collaborations, he then returned to a purely acoustic sound and began performing solo in 2011. Almost ten years later he is still producing this solo act with mostly original songs and has slowly begun integrating some more technology into his style, bringing the analogue world of nature together with humanities digital age to create a message of imagining for a world that could be..

"As the world sheds it’s seasonal skins, I find beauty and meaning in the relics left by man and nature’s progression across the earth. Piecing them together I weave stories and meanings that tend toward restorative narratives using poetic symbolism. My experience includes traditional Art forms in a variety of mediums, Music forms, instruments and many technologies such as mechanics, electronics and computing."